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Concierge Physical Therapy
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Our Mission at St Pete Physio is to provide the highest quality, individualized physical therapy care. Whether you are in need of physical therapy to address an injury or ortho rehab, sports, performance and recovery therapy, prehab surgery treatments, gait, balance and vestibular rehabilitation, we have the expertise to help you obtain your personal goals! 

St Pete Physio's concierge physical therapy practice is unique in its design and mission. Your assessment, evaluation, and treatment will always be one on one. No division of attention between computer screen and multiple patients. We are here to treat you, the individual, with 100% attention on the details of your health and wellness. Our concierge physical therapy practice is about access, accountability, and continuous assessment which only the one on one model can provide.


As part of our goal of accessibility, your physical therapist can work with you in your home or in a convienently located gym in the EDGE district of St. Pete, FL!


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Does St Pete Physio Accept Insurance?
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St Pete Physio is a self-pay physical therapy practice. Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept any insurances. We will gladly help with your "self-submission" by providing all necessary documentation. We accept the following payment methods: cash, credit card, HSA and FSA credit cards, check, and Zelle.

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